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Blisters... (Part 2) Prevention During Events

by Nancy Shura-Dervin

There are several prophylactic measures one can take before a race to prevent or minimize blisters.

Wear moisture wicking socks: These tend to be 100% polyester that allow the material to dry more quickly than cotton material thus helping to keep your feet dry. Some runners like to wear a thin polyester sock liner under a heavier running sock; the theory being that the thin sock will wick moisture away from the feet into the heavier sock. Be sure your socks have smooth seams if any, so as to reduce friction. For blisters involving the toes, Injinji makes a toesock that has passed the tests by runners, including myself, for more than 10-years at the Badwater 135-Mile Ultra Marathon. I personally endorse Injinji as the #1 sock for ultra running and

Lube Your Feet:

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